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Updated: Oct 20, 2018

We’ve been lucky enough to visit the White Isle a few times over the last 3 years, for business and pleasure and it never gets old. Tiring, maybe! But not old.

If its for business, we take out a camera man and some models to get some amazing shots using the islands beautiful scenery and if its for pleasure, we go with friends and take a camera anyway to make sure we take every opportunity to snap or document something really embarrassing!

The first time we went to Ibiza was back in the 90’s as teenagers and a lot has changed since then. The fashion and the way people dress themselves isn’t the same as it once was, people went for comfort because the scene was totally different! Everyone was wearing Adidas tracksuits and bucket hats – ready to rave it up. Now people are in muscle fit tee’s or vests and shorts wanting to impress on social media at Ocean drinking cocktails and larging it with their pals.

For us, Ocean has been a great base for chilling out and just people watching during the day, its at night when it gets interesting! Mambos for a beautiful sunset and then on to a club in Bossa or Pikes where some real memories are made!

Here’s a collection of pics from our most recent visit. If you haven’t thought about going to Ibiza – you seriously should.

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